How do i get the ticket?

We’ll announce on our social channels when we release tickets for booking. They are free, on first come first serve basis. We have room for 350 people for talks and 30 for workshops.


What’s the conference language?

The conference talks are in English while the workshops may differ depending on the speaker.


Where should I stay in Prishtina?

We are placing our speakers at _________. You can also book Hotel Parliament privately with single rooms cost 45 EUR/room, or Hostel Han which will give you 7 EUR/night if you send them an email at [email protected] by mentioning #SFK20


How do I get in?

From Tirana, Skopje and Belgrade there are numerous bus lines during the day. We also have people coming from all those cities so get in touch if you’d like us to put you in contact with them. You might also choose to fly into any of those airports as well although that could take a 3 hour bus trip from Skopje Airport, 4 from Tirana to seven or more from Belgrade.


Can you pick me up at the airport?
If you’re speaking, we’ll pick you up at the airport. If you are attending, we might still be able to pick you up, so get in touch. Otherwise, you can take Bus from the airport which will cost only 3 eur, or an airport taxi which will charge some 20 EUR or call one of the taxi companies from Prishtina which should cost about 13 EUR.


What else can I do?
Please see Kosovo article at Wikivoyage, kosovoguide.com. If you want to see and travel around Kosovo a bit, Prishtina is easy on foot, we also recommend taking the bus to Prizren (2 hours) and Gjakova (1.5 hours). You may venture also to Skopje 2.5 hours away by bus, across the border in Macedonia, and Tirana, Albania, 4 hours away by bus. Intercity bus connections are here. Museums in Prishtina close down on the weekends.


How do I get around in Prishtina?
Taxis in Prishtina are relatively cheap, starting from 1.5 eur for the first kilometer. Make sure to use the branded ones such as Urban Taxi +383 (0)44 151 515 toll-free: 0800 15 15 1 or Taxi Victory +383 (0)44 111 222. Some are on Viber too. Public transport: is lousy but cheap. Here is a map of bus lines in Prishtina.


If you have more questions please email us at [email protected]
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