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FLOSSK is organizing the ninth edition of the annual Software Freedom Kosova conference, which will take place on 17-19 April 2020 in Prishtina. Software Freedom Kosova (SFK) is one of the largest community run annual conferences in South East Europe promoting free and open source software, open culture and knowledge, a global movement that started 35 years ago.

With an audience of 350+ participants, we have gathered thinkers, software developers and users, entrepreneurs and leaders together for 10 years to collaborate, learn and share common interests in the field of open technology through a combination of lectures, trainings and workshops. SFK is a good source of contacts and an opportunity to exchange experiences between speakers and participants from Kosovo and abroad.


This edition of the conference will deal with sensors: sensors as electronic components, the data they produce, the science derived from them, the software built to present their data into actionable information and social implications.

Kyenote Speakers

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Conference Language

The conference is held in English.


Jo Polyglot

Jo Polyglot

OpenStreetMap Belgium

Sidorela Uku

Sidorela Uku

Open Labs Hackerspace



The venue this year is the Central University Library Amphitheater ,also knows as History Institute, some of the workshops will be held in Venture-UP and Prishtina Hackerspace. In addition to the workshops, talks and panel discussions, SFK will be followed by social events in Prishtina Hackerspace PUB.

Prishtina, Kosovo
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We will soon make available accommodation options for the guests we are hosting as well as discounts available for various budget options.


Attendee registration is free, tickets will soon be made available.


This conference would be impossible without our sponsors.

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